Bornodi Bhotiai


'Bornodi Bhotiai' is an Assamese feature film which celebrates the life in the world's largest river island, Majuli. A man is searching for a cure to his strangely prolonged illness of cold. Four others are in search of love and a prosperous future. And a woman, she probably does not know what to search for. Above all, Majuli, the island too, is in search of a "cure" for its own "illness", own "cold" - flood and erosion caused by the Brahmaputra.

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About the writer, director Anupam Kaushik Borah

I am an actor, theatre director, actor trainer, performance artist and maker, playwright, short story writer, novelist and now a filmmaker. I was born and raised in Majuli and went to become the first National School of Drama, New Delhi, graduate from my island. The sparkling extraordinariness that I happen to see sometimes in the ordinary reality of life, fascinates me. I feel the urge to register that magic in my arts. My award winner short story 'Dutokia’ (CPS Puraskar, 2012, by Gariasi), my performance art piece 'Ghola’ (Part of BRM 2012 by NSD) and my play production 'Boga Moina’ (travelled across length and breadths of Assam, 2014) etc. are examples of such creations.

Telling a story and the story behind it
I always felt a strong urge to tell stories. My stories came out as plays, the reason behind it, I think, is, my association with the art of theatre since childhood. I wrote a number of plays and this exercise helped me grow as a storyteller. Later I wrote short stories, a novel and film scripts too. Eventually, I arrived at a point when I was no longer telling stories. Instead, I learned to ‘guide’ my audience to find the story in my works through 'moments’.


A ‘moment’ is the smallest component of an event and life is but a collection of events. A 'moment’ is most potent and powerful occurrence; for we understand the world around us through moments. Moments are stored as memories.

Moments are mine but the story is yours to make

I collect, choose and create moments. Then I place them together one after another to create writings or drama productions. I give utmost attention in construction of a particular order of placement of the moments; for this order is the guide to the story. I give you, my audience, the moments and the ‘guideline’ only. It is you who make the story in your minds. My stories, thus, differ from audience to audience and I find no ready answer when one asks what is the story of 'Bornodi Bhotiai’.

But what is the story of 'Bornodi Bhotiai’, I mean, the story behind it?

'Love cures!’ - this fairly simple idea came to me. (Nothing extraordinary about it, I know.) But then to find a story in it I had to search for a illness to be cured by love. How about the common cold? Excellent! For the common cold has an elaborated journey from inception to cure. I made this illness the central problem of my protagonist. It typically starts with watery liquid flowing through the nose. The second stage sees the liquid thickening. And more often than not the illness cures after it. It is a matter of just a few days. But sometimes pneumonia catches. If not cured at this stage, then the infection reach the brain leading to insanity. In my place this stage is called ‘nerenga’. An intriguing and dramatic affair indeed!

But, let me give a twist to it. Let the first 'watery’ stage stretch to as long as 6 months, from the Assamese month of 'Bohag’ (April-May) to 'Ahin’ (September- October). Now, my protagonist's ‘illness’ transcends to become that of my place, Majuli, which is prone to the flood of the river Brahmaputra (Bornodi, as it is referred to sometimes) the hotter half of the year. Then it was just a matter of time that the idea of the ‘illness’ expanded to the other themes of life in Majuli too e.g. large scale migration of the youths out of the island, normalisation of corruption, uncertainty in every sphere of life including, yes, love. Other characters came into existence and with 'illness’ of one or the other of the above kinds. ‘Love' now has a giant job to do in curing all these. A great idea, indeed, to start writing a play!

The play

The moments that I put together in the play came out to be hilarious and very serious at the same time. When it was staged in Majuli, Majulial audience could not laugh out loud for they found in it only their own unhappy reality. I designed the production as an exercise in realism for the 9 'Bhawariya- TPositives’ actors on stage. All of these 9 actors are in the film with a whopping 110+ members added. This increase in number of actors feels incredible to me. But then again I see my film portraying the story of a whole society, not merely of a few particular individuals, heroes and heroines.

Bornodi Bhotiai - the film

My approach of creating moment after moment to shape a story proved to be very successful while making the film. It goes with the workflow of filmmaking itself. The canvas is big, for again it deals with the story of a people, the story of an entire island. And the canvas is full with a rich amount of elements picked carefully from reality of my place that I live in. It is an in-depth depiction of Majuli from an insider's point of view: and is unlike the previous films about the island in which an romanticised, exotic Majuli is shown with oversimplified portrayal of life in it. Bornodi Bhotiai is the first feature film that celebrates the life in Majulial with all its complexities, and most importantly, all its fun.

Team Bornodi Bhotiai

My core team comprises the theatre workers of 'Bhawariya-the T-Positives’. Stuti Jyotshna, my wife, is executive producer, Diganta Konwar is line producer, Kaushik Nath, Dorothy Bhardwaj, Himangshu Gogoi and Rajib Nath are proactive on and off camera. They have very little prior experience in filmmaking. But they have been dedicated theatre workers for years and are adapting to any creative work. The NSD trained Bhaskar Baruah prepared my actors and they delivered. Then comes my expert crew. This is the seventh feature film of the much praised DoP Prayash Sharma Tamuly. The award winner Debajit Gayan has taken care of my on-location sound and going to design the sound. National awardee and a creator of her own extraordinary class of music, Tarali Sarma composes music and the original background score for 'Bornodi Bhotiai’. Rantu Chetiya, another award winner in the team, edits my film. Himangshu Nath is an experienced and efficient chief AD. We have a pool of talent as a team. When you see my film, I am sure, you will witness their extraordinary work.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 140000 in Colour Grading & Studio
Rs. 100000 in Cast /Crew & other miscellaneous expenses
Rs. 130000 in Sound Design
Rs. 140000 in Background Music & Songs
Rs. 90000 in Admin Fee

Why crowdfunding?

We are a theatre group, working hard in the field of drama out of people's contributions. We were able to save some money, not a great amount though. Adding my own savings and contributions from my family members and friends to it, we started production. An extraordinary thing happened then. The good people of Majuli donated food to our unit. We were shooting with a shoestring budget but it has advantages too. I have my creative freedom. I can make the film the way I want, creating cinematic moments and letting you, my audience, string a story out of it. I can bring to you an uncompromised version of what I want to express through the film. In case had one or two financier(s) funded the film my freedom might have been compromised. Again, Assamese film box-office is a bit unorganized. It would be a mammoth load on our theatre group’s financially weak shoulders to get money from financiers without having surety of some sort of returning that from box office. Now as we are in the costly post production stage, and our savings have been spent, we are here seeking your help to complete our film. Be a part of our dream. However much you can spare, do contribute. We assure you that the visuals and sounds that we have shot, have a great film hidden in them. We just need your kind support to bring it out.


Anupam Kaushik Borah

Kenny D Basumatary

Tarali Sarma

Music Director

Prayash Sharma Tanuly

Director of Photography

Rantu Chetia


Debajit Gayan

Sound Designer

Dorothy Bhardwaj

Sonmoni Sarma


Kaushik Nath


Stuti Jyotshna Saikia

Executive Producer

Himangshu Nath

Chief Assistant Director

Why should you fund this project?

If you feel good about quality cinema; if you want good cinema to grow; if you support independence of art and artists; if you want to contribute to the independent cinema movement; if you want to see that the call for action to save the endangered biggest river island of the world, Majuli, reach far and wide; if you want to see your name in the credits of a quality film, then support us. For 'Bornodi Bhotiai’ is a film that has the potential to etch its permanent mark in the stones of cinema history. Come, be part of our dream.

Risks and Challenges

What are the risks and challenges associated with this project? The most prominent challenge is to make a decent profit or at least recover money we have put in the film. As you got to know now that all the savings of our theatre group, mine and a decent amount of my family members’ and friends, have already been spent in filming 'Bornodi Bhotiai’. Your kind contributions will empower us to complete the film and face the challenge.

Project Launched

Aug 29 2018

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